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Snake Eyes, by Kimberly Ray

Penetrating deep into my eyes,

he asked how seriously I wanted the job,

insisted it's mine if kept loyal,

ordered to stand, do a little twirl

"That’s it now, be a good little girl."

He wanted to see

if I had what it takes to be part of the team,

instructed to show a little leg,

it’s a standard part of the job

I tugged on my skirt;

he repeated, ‘Higher’

until it wouldn’t go any higher

he was satisfied

said that the position was mine,

most definitely,

asked when I could start

I replied, ‘almost immediately’

That was my first time

I’ll never forget

the fiery look in his snake eyes,

his slithering tongue

as he smoothed his lips

to prepare for what was to come


Kimberly Ray is the author of the poetry chapbook series, Coffee Shop Sessions. Her work primarily explores the highs and lows of relationships, loss, and grief. Currently working on her third poetry

collection, she can be found at her blog, or via Twitter, @kimray_poet.

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