Work With Us!

We are a volunteer-based magazine, that requires a staff of 15-35-year-old womxn. We highly encourage applications from people who are queer, POC, neuroatypical, religious minorities, or from other marginalized sections of society. We invite applicants who are AFAB (Assigned Female at Birth).

We are looking to fill vacancies in the following positions. If you are interested in filling any of the positions below, email us at, with the position and your full name as the subject line (For Example: Reader, Simran Singh).

Regular Contributors (2 Vacancies)

We require submissions twice a month from our regular contributors. These may include poetry, prose, photography, graphic design, or other forms of art. Contributors who wish to submit articles are required to submit one article per month. 

How to Apply:

  1. Submit your resume with information about experience and/or training relevant to your field of interest

  2. Submit at least two work samples, as attachments in the E-mail

  3. Mention all or any relevant blog links in the body of the email (optional)

Mixed-Genre Readers (2 Vacancies)

Readers are members of our staff that help us review submissions, and send out rejections and acceptances.

How to Apply:

  1. Email us an introduction pasted into the body of the E-mail

  2. Send us your resume as an attachment to the E-mail

Perks of working for TBM!

  • You set your own deadlines

  • Experience certificates

  • Introduction to and affiliation with other digital magazines

  • Creative freedom and credit to individual authors

  • TBM does not require highly experienced applicants. We encourage applicants who are starting off in their respective fields!