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From the Editor

Teen Belle Magazine was introduced to the world in 2019 with the aim, "flourish, educate, and rebel". We don't believe in creating space for marginalized voices in oppressive spheres of society, but dismantling these spaces and building our own.

We adore and promote art that makes normative thinking shift in its seats, that unapologetically exists without explanation, and is honest to a fault.

We are a fully volunteer-based magazine that works thanks to the people who believe in its vision.


There are words you are afraid to write. Write them. Then send them to us.












Please consider supporting the projects mentioned below! These programs represent our core values, and dedicate themselves to causes we hold dear.
Mental Health

It’s Ok To Talk was launched to help facilitate a dialogue on mental health and to help young people facing mental health problems and stigma. Donate here

Queer Rights

Nazariya QFRG
Nazariya is an Indian organization doing groundbreaking work towards a more fair system. Donate or Learn More here

Caste Equality

Dalit Solidarity has worked steadily to provide India’s Dalits with the tools they need to make better lives for themselves and their families. Donate or Learn more here

Black and White Flower


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