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Essential, by Esme Fenn

I don’t know much but I know that a revolution is essential I see the fear, the hatred in my country’s eyes and I think it should be tonight We’ve all been turned against each other by the real enemy - You.

You took the ground beneath our feet and told us it was our own fault You exploit us for your own gain and say we deserve it Essential worker, my ass I’m essentially over seeing 16-year-olds working to keep their family afloat during a PANDEMIC with 10 dollars an hour I’m essentially over your blasé attitude while people are dying of disease but also dying of hunger

I’m essentially over you stampeding over the working class while you sit back and relax

I’m essentially over this I’m essentially over you


Esme Fenn (they/them) is a first-year triple major in creative writing, literature, and journalism & professional writing at Capital University in Ohio. Outside of writing, they also enjoy being bad at various things such as embroidery and playing guitar. For more of their writing, follow them on twitter @esmefenn.

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